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Journey Collection

After engagement-embrace your lifelong journey,  the

Journey jewelry collection

 offers unique, breath-taking styles and diamonds that signify your commitment to eternal love and a vow of loyalty. 


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 boasts circular and exclusive romantic designs that strengthen the fire of devotion begun with your engagement ring. Show your commitment throughout your life with a gift that shows your


 is true and forever.

Journey jewelry collection

 is available in

14K white gold, 14K

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14K white gold Journey heart shape pendant (G/SI2, 0.68ct)

14K two-tone Journey blue diamond earrings (G/SI2, D-0.23ct BD-0.27ct.)

14K Two-Tone colored diamond pendant (enhanced yellow,G/SI1,SI2, 0.80ct)

14K White Gold colored diamond comfort fit pendant (enhanced blue,G/SI1,SI2, D-0.49ct, BD-0.26ct)

14K white gold Journey pendant (G/SI2, 0.50ct)

14K yellow gold diamond pendant (G /SI2,D-0.75ct)

14K white gold Journey pendant (G/SI2, 0.75ct)

14K two-tone Journey diamond earrings (G/SI2, D-0.33ct YD-0.27ct.)

14K white gold Journey diamond pendant (G/SI2, 1.00ct)

14K two-tone Journey diamond pendant (G/SI2, 0.48ct)

14K two-tone Journey diamond pendant (G/SI2, 0.75ct)

14K Two-Tone Journey diamond earrings (G/SI2, 0.82ct)
   Results - Page 1 of 6 Items per page: 12   |  24   |  36   |  48 1 |  2 |  3 |  4 |  5 |  6 |    Next   

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